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November Cold
November sinks its icy fingers
Between my shoulder blades
And an ache blossoms inside of me.
I imagine a lacy white filigree of frost
Growing over my lungs,
Spidering over my veins
And up into my heart.
The cold crawls up my throat
So that when I breathe
I half expect snowflakes and hoarfrost
To fall from my lips.
I've got an ice-heavy heart in me
And I am breathing winter,
Wondering if my tears would freeze
If they even fell at all.
Help me shake November's chill.
Blaze passion and fire into me
And never let me pull away from the heat of you
Kiss away the rime of ice that coats me
Sink your fingers into my skin
So that cracks spiral crazily from your fingertips
So that finally, with a small shudder,
I splinter and sink into you
Burned and blackened,
I am only yours
And November will never touch me.
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 114 73
"You have a stone in your heart,"
That rouses me somewhat. I look up from my book and out the window at the gray fog that's settled over everything like wet cotton. I imagine breathing it, letting it fill my lungs with gray. All at once, the room is suffocating and I push the window open and the cool air tumbles in and ruffles the pages of my book so that I lose my place.
The spell of the story unravels and some part of me aches to know that the sort of love that exists in the storybooks is never true.
She loves the lines of him.
"Are you listening?"
"… Yes," I say without much conviction.
Rainwater pools on the windowsill.
"You— you have a stone in your heart,"
I've waited a long time to show these flowers how pretty you are.
"Yes," I trace circles on the white laminate with a fingertip.
"Most days you can ignore it. And there are even some people who can make it lighter. But it always comes back. In the end it… It always comes back,"
I should have
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 266 109
Mature content
Wonder if You Wonder :icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 71 52
She can't handle being manhandled
By all the pretty girls
So it's best not to touch her at all.
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 39 27
I can't dance, Dreamgirl. Did you know that?
I think Novembers will always hurt the most, unless maybe I meet you on the seventh or the fifth or your birthday falls around that time. That might be okay, I think. But I will always think differently in November.
Explain this, please:
It is December and cold and bright and perfect. It smells like woodsmoke and snow in the clouds and when she steps outside, she takes a deep, deep breath. But the air is too cold for her scarred insides and she starts to cough uncontrollably. Why doesn't she remember that cold air makes her lungs tight?
Maybe she pretends not to remember. Or maybe she is preoccupied because she is thinking of last month and how she can't breathe. But it was warm in November. Warmer than last year. The scars were quieter, but that could have been because of you, actually.
She draws a second, careful breath and cinches her coat more tightly around her. She glares sullenly at the cheery winter sky and it glows back, making h
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 64 55
I wanted to tell you
There's a heady exhilaration blooming in my chest and a broad, triumphant smile on my lips and I know I look almost too happy, but I can't control my beaming, and I am absolutely bursting to tell you the news:
That my essay was perfect, that I nailed the presentation, that the biochem final was a walk in the park.
And, oh, God, I want to tell you so many things and that I love you and that I want you and I want to feel your arms around me, just barely containing my wild excitement. I want to laugh with relief and feel your lips curve up in a smile against the skin of my neck.
And I love you,
I love you,
I love you.
It's these moments when I am absolutely on top of the world that I want to share with you. I want you to laugh and tease me and call me a nerdy little bookworm and your baby girl and then kiss me all over so that I am pulled in a thousand directions at once. I want to absolutely unwind in your arms, but you hold me so tightly that I'm never afraid
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 86 23
I lost everything I was, true.
But all I was
I was for you.
And, oh,
Soldier girl,
I wish you knew
How I still cry
To think of you
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 81 54
"I'm waiting, Miss Dickinson. Waiting, waiting, waiting," I say it all in a singsong voice and then dissolve into giggles because somehow the made up tune makes the laughter bubble up in my chest like champagne and I'm thinking of the time I got drunk on New Years and beat the girl I loved at gin and later poker even though the cards spun a little bit in my vision.
"But I played 'em close to my chest," I smile up at the sky and am rewarded with a fat raindrop hitting me square in the eye and then another and another and I open my mouth and I imagine myself drinking the whole sky and being filled with blue.
It wasn't New Years this year. It was last year.
"I was happy last year,"
Emily Dickinson told me that death was on his way, but he's late. And I guess my schedule's not as full as hers, because I can and I have come to a full and complete stop, just like a train or a bus and then (and only then) am I allowed to safely exit. Only I've jumped out of moving vehicles befor
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 59 59
three a.m.
It is nearly three a.m. on a Sunday and half the world is awake.
Strains of the national anthem bounce off the alleyways and filter through my window. From my room on the sixth floor, I can see a group of inebriated revelers stumble past on their way from one bar to another. They laugh and shout and wave a great star-spangled flag above their heads. One boy is wearing pale blue-checkered boxers and little else.
I turn away. Back to my room, which is dark and my roommate who is asleep, and to my bed where I have chased sleep with far less success for nearly three hours. I am supposed to be happy, maybe. Proud, at least. Tonight, of all nights, I am supposed to be able to sleep easier.
I am supposed to be celebrating death.
And yet, the most emotion I can muster is mild surprise, but not because a wanted man is dead.
The boy on the street is wearing the same boxers as I am. Pale blue and checkered. I smooth my hands over the tightly spun cotton, which is all hot under my fingers because
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 55 54
I don't know if it's the smoke in my lungs or your lips on mine, but I swear I am floating in my own skin, so close to drifting away, just like the gray haze that spirals towards the ceiling
But you hold me to you, deliciously too tight, as if you feel me falling away
And with my hands locked around your wrists and the amber scent of you deep in my chest, I know I would not leave you.
I will never leave you
The mist is cool as it prickles over my skin, but it warms to the blood tumbling through the translucent blue veins of my wrists.
The scent is sharper than I remember, harsh and biting, as though the amber curves are turning to razor blades, sharp and lethal and warning you away.
I anoint the hollows beneath my ears and the sharp points of my clavicle with my fingertips and I imagine that she is still holding me too tightly, and so I am almost safe.
Because there are lines drawn into me that you dare not cross, and because there are some promises I still keep.
And I am kee
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 53 41
Inside Out
It is like my skin cannot contain me
Like every fear and every secret
Churns and hammers and rages
Just beneath my shoulder blades
And the worn-out hollow
At the base of my throat
And I am stretched so thin
That only a fragile membrane
Stands between my heart
And how its every beat would be written
Into the translucent skin of my wrists
If it weren't so firmly caged behind my ribs,
If I hadn't already made that mistake
Of wearing my heart on my shirtsleeves once before.
I think sometimes
That I might be tearing already
Unraveling at those very seams
That I'm trying my hardest to hold together
So that when you ask me
If there's something wrong,
I'm beginning to indulge
In a short pause where
I don't meet your eyes.
I look down instead,
And for a brief moment,
I let that small, private pain
Pass across my face and
Press against my lips
I'll push it back, though
Because I need to prove to myself
That my skin is not so fragile as it seems
That I'm not as vulnerable as I feel
That I am capa
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 110 70
Dear Dreamgirl,
You don't know it yet, but you might save my life.
You are taller than I am and your hands are long so that they fold over mine. Your
mouth is full and real and made for smiling and your eyes are sharp because you see
and kind because you pretend not to.
Sometimes, when I'm walking down the street, I see somebody in a crisp dress uniform
or carefully groomed fatigues and my stomach bottoms out. I want to cry, but I don't,
because I swear to God nobody will ever see me cry ever again.
I might hold your hand too tightly and put my face into your neck, because the warm
scent of you drifts over your sensible shoulders and everything that was spiraling
away will spin back into place—
Dear Dreamgirl,
In the ugly, scarred parts of me, the parts that I don't like to show anybody,
there'll be a sliver of coal-black disbelief. You're going to leave me, too. You will.
You'll walk away and you'll never look back, just like she did. And I'll be alone
again and more broken than
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 110 96
I Remember Me
She is only eighteen and the world has never failed her. Her smile is wide, open-mouthed and dimpled. And when she laughs—God, when she laughs—it's a free, melodic thing, unrestrained, like pealing bells. It bubbles out of her, all golden curls, just like the lion's mane that ranges wildly around her eyes. She is so happy, so lively. So alive.
She is nineteen and her small hands shake with something that is panic and excitement and something a great deal more. She is in love and suddenly her world is narrowed to one wild, beautiful girl and her kisses and her smile. Baby girl. Nobody has ever called her that. Nobody has ever cared for her in that way, and she is in love with the way she is loved—so wholly and completely and with such overwhelming passion.
There is a small part of her that is convinced that this cannot be real, that maybe this cannot last. But she tries to push that part of her away. How can she think that when there is a ring and a promise
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 71 55
Conversations in the Rain
"At least put up your umbrella. Seriously—you'll catch your death out here,"
I turn to look at her, give her a withering look, and turn away. I lift and relax my shoulder blades, settling my jacket more snugly about me. The raindrops that cling to the water-resistant fabric scatter with the movement and, for a moment, I'm surrounded by a silvery halo. Then the little droplets fall and burst against the pavement at my feet, and the moment's gone.
There's an umbrella in my pack, of course. I should use it, probably. It's an old wives' tale that getting cold and wet will make you sick, but I'd never been able to convince her of that. She was always stubborn that way.
She frowns disapprovingly now. "I'm not impressed by this, you know. I don't know what you think you're doing, but we both know you should get inside,"
I look at the ground for a second. The rain has plastered my hair to my face and neck, and when I look up, she reaches out to peel an errant curl from where it's settled
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 87 55
Drowning Instinct
Twenty seconds
And there's no air
I can't, says her body
And her empty lungs agree
I can't do this anymore.
Stop fighting.
There is nothing,
Nothing you can do
No air to breath
No strength to move
There is
Safe? They mouth it from the shore.
She's not crying
Or shouting
Or waving her hands
There's no frantic splashing.
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 97 86
"Drop it,"
"You drop it,"
"I'm the one with the gun, missy,"
"Yeah, and your jugular's right under my knife," I press a little harder, showing him how much I mean it.
"You bit?"
"Do I look infected to you?"
He sighs.
"Never was much for killing kids," He mutters, lowering the shotgun he'd had trained on my chest. He drops it carefully and nudges it towards me with one foot.
"I'm not a kid," I tell him—not whining, just telling. I don't pick up the shotgun, just kick it a little farther away from him. Not as if I've ever known how to handle a gun, anyway. I'm more likely to shoot my foot off before I hit anything.
After a few second's consideration, I take my knife from his throat. I don't think I could kill him, anyway, and he seems much more friendly without his gun. "My name's S—"
"No—no names," he cuts across my introduction. "Doesn't matter who you are, does it?"
"Yeah, but—"
"Where're you from?" Again, he overrides me, but he does it in an amiable
:icono-ohhai:o-ohhai 93 91

Random Favourites

I've burnt my feelings to ashes
Given them to the waters flow
Sent your name away with the winds
And buried my memories in the hard earth
But you're still here
Or rather
I can still feel you out there
Because I'm connected to you
By that little piece of heart I left behind
On the day you left none the wiser
Everyday I convince myself of things -
You can do this, you're stronger than this, everything will be fine
But I can't convince myself you could have loved me
That the words meant nothing
And the feelings then
Are gone now
Lost to time and memory and the hurt that never fades
Maybe one day I'll forget your name
Maybe one day your face will become a blur
Maybe one day I'll hear your voice and not remember
But I'll know the small battered piece of me I left behind
Even if it's been burnt
Toss about
And ground into the dust
Because it'll always be a part of me
And it will always be a part of you.
:icontea-andbiscuits:Tea-andBiscuits 5 0
Camp Vader by Gisele-Dessin Camp Vader :icongisele-dessin:Gisele-Dessin 4,359 442 The Pokeball of Eevee by wazzy88 The Pokeball of Eevee :iconwazzy88:wazzy88 5,895 292 River spirit by sakimichan River spirit :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,976 307 Raiden - Metal Gear Solid Rising by Leox90 Raiden - Metal Gear Solid Rising :iconleox90:Leox90 2,429 251
Ocean Girl
I feel like a skeleton. People say I am strong, that I can stand on my own, that I am not alone never alone. Yet I can feel my bones sticking out like waves on a choppy day. I can feel the slicing of winter wind through my ribs and around my hips and between my joints.
I have always wanted to watch a snow storm over the sea. The grey and the cold suits me in a way that few people understand. People say I am warm; they say that I am bright and spring-like. Yet I am like my eyes: green and blue and yellow and all those happy colors only over a stormy, icy grey. I am numb with my toes in the freezing sand; remember days when it would burn. I can barely smell the brine even though I am only feet from the waves. The snow is gathering like a halo on my hair, I feel it sinking in, melting down my neck, sticking to the tip of my nose. I don't cry when I am sad. I am the ocean in winter. I am the same as I always am, only without the laughter of children or the hush of heat waves. I am empty of
:iconthelastjinx:TheLastJinx 2 6
Darth Maul by NickyBarkla Darth Maul :iconnickybarkla:NickyBarkla 6,002 649 Pokemon Awkward: Want and Needs by DarkKenjie Pokemon Awkward: Want and Needs :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 10,598 675 She was an Assassin by MonsterBrand She was an Assassin :iconmonsterbrand:MonsterBrand 12,875 1,163 let there be light by ildiko-neer let there be light :iconildiko-neer:ildiko-neer 2,462 210 fishing by sandara fishing :iconsandara:sandara 17,174 1,189 Bird's Nest Soup by pre-heresyKharn Bird's Nest Soup :iconpre-heresykharn:pre-heresyKharn 3 0
When in love
I wonder if you could sense how I feel when I look at you,
Tilting my head to the side when I smile with you.
The way I feel when I listen to you,
The anticipation in my stomach right before seeing you.
I could hold my breath counting the number of stars I see in your eyes,
Stretch my fingertips to graze the surface of your lips,
And slowly, tenderly,
Fall in love with the way you look at me every time.
I sometimes wonder if you could see all this in my eyes,
Recognize the feeling of my heart in my voice,
Feel the tenderness of my mind lost in translation,
A heart wavering like an angel hair in the wind.
:iconablondmoment:aBlondMoment 194 79
Koi Puzzle by yuumei Koi Puzzle :iconyuumei:yuumei 10,423 722 PT prompts - Sam's locker by Dyemelikeasunset PT prompts - Sam's locker :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,081 311 Poisonbird - Shy by Sayael Poisonbird - Shy :iconsayael:Sayael 350 17






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